About Us

REAL Single Moms is dedicated to equipping and empowering single moms to take on any challenges life may throw at them. Life isn’t meant to be lived alone. Join our community.

Shaping A Place For Women

REAL Single Moms is a safe place for you and your family and we want you to be comfortable to just be you.

We help shape your life to change your future and write new stories for your family. We are determined to create generational change and REAL Single Moms is giving you the tools to do that.

You Were Created For Such A Time As This

“Blessed to have found this group – REAL Single Moms – thank you for all you do! Thank you for allowing us to create memories with our kids and connect with other moms.” – Jackie

You Have A Purpose

You are worthy. You are successful. And you were born for such a time as this and we really believe that for you. 

Every woman has a purpose but sometimes it takes coming together in a community that grows and supports one another to understand and fulfill that purpose. 

Get involved in many of our programs that REAL Single Moms has to offer!

Helping you raise next generation leaders

“REAL Single Moms provides life changing training and experience to single mothers. Although they have a significant impact on those they serve directly, the benefit is also passed on to the generations that follow. This ministry provides real blessings to our community, both now and in the Future!”
Russ Urquhart – Consultant