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Care Team

It is the heart of REAL to truly equip and empower every Single Mom that comes into our organization. In our attempt to do so, we have created our Care Team. The purpose of the Care Team is to partner with moms to walk alongside them, helping to remove the roadblocks that can arise as they work to bring change to their families.

Each mom has the opportunity to meet with a Care Team Coordinator who is trained to get to the deeper challenges our moms face. They work with each mom to build out a Care Plan that assists our moms in getting from point A to point B, whatever their individual points may be. Once a Care Plan is created, our moms are then paired with a Care Team Coordinator who will equip and empower our moms to achieve the goals set.

Our Care Team Coordinators provide the extra support and encouragement needed to navigate resources, address financial hardships, engage in community, and continue moving towards their goals. This can be accomplished by assisting with locating resources, attending difficult appointments with the mom, weekly check-ins, and simple reminders of how loved and valuable each mom is.

Our teams are not only trained on how to care intentionally for each mom but they are also given resources on how to maintain healthy boundaries, how to handle conflict, and what it looks like to care for ourselves while also caring for our moms.

If you are a mom who would like more information on our Care Team Program, please fill out this form and schedule an appointment to meet with one of our Care Team Managers.

We currently have a wait list but If you are interested in getting more information, please email [email protected].

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