Due to the coronavirus, our current gathering information has changed. Please see below.

What to expect

Our LEAD Small Groups are an opportunity to come together in fellowship and build authentic relationships with other Single Moms within an intimate setting. This will serve as a time to grow deeper through conversations, as well as, application in the different areas of mind, body, spirit, and family through book clubs, bible studies, and personal growth topics.

Our LEAD Small Groups will be held on different days of the week and will meet at various locations throughout the Oklahoma City Metro Area on a monthly basis. You will have the opportunity to attend any and all of our various LEAD Small Groups that are held throughout the month.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, childcare is not being offered through Spontaneity Kid Care. Each mom will be responsible for their own children during all in person LEAD Small Groups.

We are excited to learn and grow with you in 2020!

LEAD Small Groups

Diving Deep Into Monthly Topics

3rd Monday of the month - 6:30PM to 7:30PM - MITCH PARK IN EDMOND, OK - VIRTUAL IF NEEDED - Kids Welcome! My heart aligns with the vision of REAL to create a generational impact. Through this group we will have different topics that allow us the opportunity to dig deeper and grow within mind, body, spirit and family.

My hope is that every mom in my group will walk away with the ability to apply what we learned together within our everyday lives.

Co-Parenting from your God Given Purpose.

Floating Saturdays - 7:00PM to 8:00PM - VIRTUAL ZOOM CALL - Kids Welcome My hope is to create a safe place in a no judgement zone, to come together to discuss raising successful humans without the notion that there is only one right way to do so.

I want all the single moms in my group to not be afraid to reach out to others or to ask questions in regards to raising their children. I want them to know that there are no bad questions, that all questions are valid.

Educating to Win with Money as a Single Mom

Every Saturday starting April 10th - 3:00PM to 5:00PM (CST) - VIRTUAL ZOOM CALL - Kids Welcome My heart is to come alongside other moms in this different and difficult time to encourage and support them through their role of teaching and/or balancing school demands.

My hope is for moms to know they are not alone during these times and that we can lock arms together. Together we can get through these challenges.

* REAL will be purchasing the books required for this group *

Women of the Bible (Study/Devotion)

Every other Friday starting March 5th - 6:30PM to 8:00PM - IN PERSON - OKC LOCATION - Moms Only (Kids can use Spontaneity) My heart and hope for this LEAD Group is that we can come together in a safe space where we can just be real and authentic. That as we pray and study the word together, not only will we grow wiser but we will allow the Lord to strengthen us so that we can overcome the battles that we face.

Current Concerns of Single Moms

2nd Saturday of the Month - 10AM to 11AM - VIRTUAL VIDEO CALL - Kids Welcome! I am a single mom that raised 4 children years ago. They are all now adults with children of their own. I did not have a group that was supportive of us back then, even though I went to a large church. I always felt judged and inadequate for the huge task I was undertaking. Many times single moms by necessity are mainly in survival mode. That is not healthy for the children or the mom. It can cause a lot of stress, tension and negativity. When you have a group you can come to that supports you, gives you ways to grow as a person and a mom along with giving you all a break, your family will succeed.

I see the purpose and outcome of this group being a safe place for moms and their children to come. Here they will find love, acceptance, support and ways to grow for their family to become more successful and happier. I am honored to be able to work with single moms. I love being used by God and walk willingly with Him in the things He calls me to do and be. I am excited about this new group He is asking me to lead. I am also ecstatic that this group will include single mamas from New Song Church. I am hopeful that through this LEAD Small Group, we can meet the emotional, mental and spiritual needs of the single moms in my group.

Game Night And Fellowship

Last Sunday of Every Month - 6PM to 8PM - FAITH CHURCH - Kids Welcome and Child Drop Off At Faith Church Begins At 5:30PM!