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REAL Single Moms is a 501(c)3 tools based organization that equips single moms to grow stronger mind, body, spirit and family. We holistically equip single moms to live fearlessly from the home to the workplace. We do this by offering moms in our program Workshops, Community Events, an Online Community, LEAD Small groups, Care Team Support, and a Children’s Program.


We’ve funded multiple projects for single moms and changed not only the lives of the moms, but their family as well.

“REAL restored my faith gave me a place for me to connect and serve my sisters and even a place to be served when I was in need. These women have cried with me and celebrated with me. There were really dark times for me as a single mom but I always felt loved and understood among this community from the moms to the leadership. I’m thankful for each woman and each connection.” REAL MOM

Meet our founder

Kathryn Thompson is a Business Strategist and Director/Founder of REAL Single Moms. She was born and raised in Oklahoma City where she met her high school sweetheart at the age of 5, with whom she has now been married to since July 2010.  God called Robert and her out to Los Angeles in 2015. Kathryn and Robert had their first child in July of 2017. A daughter named Brooklyn. After working for a Fortune 500 company for five years within HR Consultation and Sales Management God showed Kathryn that it was time to leave her Management role, build her own brand and focus on growing REAL Single Moms as the acting Director and step out into full time ministry. 

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Exotic Mexican females - who're they?

Exotic Mexican females - who're they?

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