Phase 1
Raised over $200K

Care Plan Program Launch with 10 completed case studies.

Phase 2
$300K Goal
Jan - Sep 2023
$130K as of 2023
Expansion of Care Plans with Transitional House launch
Phase 3
2024 Goal
Oct - Dec 2023

Fill 10 homes

Phase 4
2025 Goal

Full Expansion REAL Roots Transitional Housing Campaign

Sustainable Futures

Over the past 10 years we have been caring for single moms hands on through tools based services such as workshops, classes and community gatherings.

In 2020-2021 with the shift of how we could provide services due to the pandemic, we chose to stand in the gap with essential needs for single moms. On a weekly basis we provided essential needs such as groceries , toiletries and gas cards to over 150 families .

In September 2021-September 2022 we were selected to receive a federal grant where we were able to stand with roughly 100 families to prevent evictions.

We have seen time and time again the need for sustainable housing for single moms that are working hard to rebuild their families and simply need the breathing room to rebuild financially and mentally. With the need of housing rising we assessed the past 10 years of services and launched a Care Team Program where we could go deeper with moms through strategic Care Plans that shows bite size steps for moms to take to rebuild financially and mentally.

In the fall of 2022, it became very evident through a 10 client case study that our Care Plans were successful but they were missing an essential component that would drive a quicker success for the women we serve. We believe that essential component is providing transitional housing for single moms through a stair-step payment method to allow moms the room to breath and heal.

Please consider standing with us.

Single Mom Support

Care Team Support

Our Care Team Partners with single moms through one-on-one individualized Care Plans. Care Plans aid the client to community referral partners and future planning goals. Click Here to learn more on how to receive Care Team Support.

Educational Opportunities

We offer workshops and classes that focus on financial literacy and mental health while also offering community building opportunities with other single moms.


Kathryn Thompson

Founder and CEO of REAL Single Moms

Kathryn Thompson was born and raised in Oklahoma City where she met her high school sweetheart at the age of 5, with whom she has now been married to since July 2010.
Kathryn and Robert and moved to Los Angeles in 2015 where they had their first daughter in July of 2017 and their son in 2020.
After working for a Fortune 500 company for five years within HR Consultation and Sales Management Kathryn transitioned into full time roles within the nonprofit space within a local church in LA called Oasis and later into a Church Engagement Director role within a Child Welfare Agency called Olive Crest. 
In 2021, their family moved back to Oklahoma and through that move the doors opened for Kathryn to work full full time as the CEO within REAL. She now fully supports the expansion and growth effects within REAL to create generational changes within the family unit.


REAL Life. REAL Love. REAL Community.